Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

It was so surreal to celebrate Mother's Day with my children. Not just one, but two kids.

I love that my mom and grandma live so close that we get to celebrate with them. These are two amazing women. I hope that I can live up to their example as mothers and Godly women.

4 generations

My awesome presents:

from the hubs
from the 2 year old
from the infant
(I new he was special, but this is one talented 1 month old)

(the inspiration for Simon's art piece)

I have heard people say life gets better with age. I now know why people say that. Each stage of life is better than the last, and this is definitely the best so far.


babyblueeyed girl said...

your fam is soo cute id love to visit sometime and your amazing your self so i dont think you have anything to worry about with the whole living up to mom and grandma expextions im pretty sure your there love you

Elizabeth Mullins said...

So glad you had a great day! I agree. I love each stage better and better too!