Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He has given his blessing

Well, we have made the transition to "big boy bed" as of Saturday night. Henson spent the day with my parents so we could take down the crib, put it back together to go in Simon's room, take down the crib Simon was in that we borrowed, move in the big bed, and return the borrowed crib.
Yes, we could have put him in a big bed BEFORE our second child arrived to save some of that effort (Lucas' effort), but I needed to know Henson was contained until my sanity was contained.

Anyway...he has done great. *

A couple of days before the big move he gave his consent to little bro to carry on with the crib. He made him promise to kick the rails, sleep in it short-ways, and learn to love a blanket ("Auggie") so much that you would die without it - and sure couldn't sleep without.


*Not pictured: me bawling in the bathroom over a moved crib.

**I'm sure I'll be crying over this one but for an entirely different reason.

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Erin said...

You went straight from crib to big boy bed, right? I'm trying to decide how we want to do the transition (and when!). I'm eagerly watching all my friends to see how they are doing it and their success.