Thursday, August 18, 2011

He's Got Potty Power

As of Monday morning this boy is diaper free.
By lunch he had it.
Day 1 sticker chart.

By Day 2 the excitement and newness of this supposed "big boy" activity had worn off but he never turned back. He would bust out in songs from this lovely little number, which we watched several times on Monday. Whatever gets the job done.
I'm all about the "cold turkey", "rip the band aid", "short term pain for long term gain" approach, so first thing in the morning he threw away his own diapers and we're not looking back. Not even at night time. Our laundry bill will prove that next month, I'm sure. But today he woke up dry, and I am rewarding myself with a shower.


Summer said...

i'm very impressed and proud....of you.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

So...are you taking any more a hard headed one for ya:)! Great job both of you!