Friday, August 12, 2011

It's a comparison. Sue me.

Yes, I realize every child is different. Yes, I realize it is good to be an individual. Yes, I love both my children for their differences.

But...I'm going to compare them anyway.

This is what Henson was doing two years ago today.

His brother, however... refuses to roll over during playtime. Instead he chooses to do it in his bed ONLY. And when he is asleep. Then it wakes him up. At 5:30am. Then I go in and turn him over. Then he turns back over. Then I turn him back over. Then he retaliates again. You get it.

I put him on the floor every time he is awake and nada. He is a week younger than Henson was this day two years ago. I'll give him a week before I take sides.

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