Thursday, September 15, 2011

5 months

Sunday marked month 5 for this not-so-little guy. I just cannot get enough of him! Simon is the sweetest, calmest baby.

He loves to be held, but sleeps great on his own (can't live without that!).
He is pretty low key, but likes to observe the action.
He FINALLY started rolling over during "wake-times" last week. He seems pleased with himself for waiting until HE was ready.
He started cereal, but so far is unimpressed. He definitely prefers his bottle (as if you can't tell by the pic).
His first real "trick" is giving kisses, which mostly happen just before you lay him down at night. Love it!

He does like his brother, but I honestly think his brother likes him more. He is SO ready for a playmate, and sometimes Simon ends up in tears because Henson is so 'in-your-face' excited.

I just can't get enough of little man!

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