Saturday, September 03, 2011

Pain brings progress. But progress can also bring a big mess that ends in you throwing away your shower curtain and some Lightening McQueen underwear.

Well, we're three weeks in to this whole potty trained thing, and this guy is doing fantastic. No accidents since week 1 and our only issue is that for some reason he has to try to go potty A LOT right before he is supposed to get in bed...hmmm...amazing how bed triggers the bladder.

This is how I found him today after he told me he had to go. Whatever helps you get the job done.

Welp....Thursday, about an hour after his dad leaves town for 5 days, THE accident happened. Yes 'THE' accident. I hear Henson get out of bed during his nap, which never happens. I go to the door and he has locked himself in, but I can smell something horrific through the door. I had to pick the lock and I will spare you the details of the source of the smell, but we went straight to the bathroom to clean him up.

After a huge stack of wipes....and a pair of underwear in the trash later...I got him back to bed.

When I went back in to the bathroom to make sure I didn't miss anything I noticed the shower curtain. Dun, dun, DUN!

Yeah, somehow he backed up against it without me noticing. Nice.

That is now in the garbage bin, and give me a chance to update my bathroom. Always a silver lining.

So I decided to go with something that would stand out. If this doesn't scream comfortable, spa-like bathroom I don't know what does:

Well, I actually decided that was a little too daring for me. So I went with this fabulous gem:

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