Friday, September 02, 2011

This is my warning

You know how you will somtimes watch a movie just based on the title, not knowing anything else about it?

And you know how sometimes you watch movies that make you cry, and you're not really sure why you do that to yourself but you can't stop watching?

This is my plea to you, especially if you are a parent:


And, ESPECIALLY don't watch it alone when your two little boys are sweetly asleep in their beds.

Don't even ask my why I continued to watch it in a curled up ball of a weeping mess. I can't answer that question. But, now you have my warning.

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Emily said...


I watched it awhile back. I knew what it was about and had avoided it for awhile. A friend of mine had a nephew in the movie so she kept telling me to watch it and I finally did. I cried lots but at least I knew I would going into it.

Also? Love me some Aaron Eckhart.