Saturday, November 12, 2011

7 months

Simon is 7 months as of yesterday.
No crawling yet, but he can turn in a complete circle on his tummy, get to his tummy from sitting, scoot backward, and get one knee up and under him before he falls.
He says 'mama' and 'ba' and has discovered squealing and clicking his tongue. He's getting the 'high five' down and can clap.

I am much better at documenting on the blog that his baby book. For those that have blogs, I'm thinking they should make an easy way to turn your blog into a keepsake book, or something. Much easier and more realistic that baby books and scrapbooking (which I gave up long ago). Anyway...

Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm so slow

Last weekend:

OC Homecoming

Good friend, Kevin Peters' wedding
(so what if I am posting a pic of me with my friends who moved to Abilene and now live next door to each other making me totally jealous and missing them like crazy. They were at the wedding. That is the picture. There.)

Paul Simon in concert. Ii was so excited about this concert. He is one of the most original, genuine, and creative musicians out there. He has been able to top charts and please the masses as well as continually creating new music and sounds making for a very diverse collection of works while still keeping his music personality.

Now, notice the proximity of me to Paul.


This little lobby concert occured because of technical difficulties in the Civic Center auditorium. Paul wanted to apologize to the audience for the delay. Umm...apology accepted! Lucas noticed a friend standing at the ropes in front of the setup about 30 minutes before the real concert was supposed to start. He asked him what the deal was and he has the inside scoop before anyone else knew because he had been back stage. Therefore, we got these amazing spots. I could have stretched out my arm and touched him. Why didn't I do that!?! Ugh. I mean, this man is a genius! Such a bonus to just getting to see his original concert.