Friday, January 13, 2012

9 Months

Simon turned 9 months on Wednesday. I say this every month, but I can't believe he is so old already! I love those teeth!
He is still super sweet, giggly, and smiley.
He could care less about his 'baby' toys, and only wants to play with Henson's stuff. So basically they both play with cars all day long. Being the second time around, though, I already know all the names of all the cool trucks, cars, and construction vehicles. Simon is so blessed.
Simon is also getting longer and leaner now that he's much more mobile. His stat %s have lessened slightly, but he's still really long. He's cruising and even trying to let go of things and take steps. I told Lucas he has to make him stop progressing while I'm in Ghana for 9 days so I don't miss it. We're awesome parents.
He loves, loves, loves water (bath time, of course), and anytime he hears water running in any area of the house he is after it as fast as possible. If he is denied, tears follow. One of the rare times that happens.

Finally, here is the 9 month comparison.

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Michelle said...

Impressive that you can put them in the same outfit, I wouldn't remember or be able to look up that picture,haha. All Maddie wants to do is play with Cooper's toys, even though we bought her this awesome kitchen for Christmas, she'll take a train....