Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Dedication 2012

So...I was in Africa when my church dedicated my baby to the Lord. But, I felt a little better about not being there by decorating the baby Bibles table again. That counts for something, right?

You may remember these from the 'sneek peek' that got you so excited, I know. Yarn balls: blow up balloons to preferred size - cut long strands of yarn - dip individual strands in equal mixture of water and glue - wrap strand around balloon - repeat as many times as you like - hang to dry for 24 hours - slowly/carefully let air out of balloon to release it from the yarn.

 I attempted to wrap these letters solid in yarn, but it looked much less than pleasing to the eye. So here is the modified version. I like how it coordinated with the random placement of the yarn balls, though.

I forgot to take additional pics of the fabric strip backdrop, but this was super easy. Few yards of fabric, lots of ribbon, tulle, and yarn tied to a pvc pipe.


Then, of course, my sweet boy.


Alyssa said...

The decorations were beautiful! I wanted to sneak that PVC pipe thingy home!

Heather said...

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