Friday, February 17, 2012

Heart Day/Lung-sick day

How' that for a title, eh? I'm lacking in brain power at the present time. My boys have been sick since I got off the plane last Monday, and Lucas even went down hard last Friday through Tuesday. 
Poor little S had seemed to be improving until Monday, so I took him back in on Tuesday to find out his respatory infection had turned into walking pneumonia. He was far from his usual happy, easy-going self. It has been so pitiful. I'm very thankful that they were healthy while I was gone, though, and that I could be home to take care of them.
 Henson has been well, though, and got to enjoy Valentine's Day. Here are the boys opening their presents at breakfast. Henson's excited face looks a liiiiittle disturbing...

Pitiful little sicky face. :(

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