Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Friday morning at 7:15 AM I opened my door to find a nest neatly tucked inside my door wreath. Super sweet. 
At 9:30 AM I went back outside and found 1 egg inside the cute little nest.
At 9:30 PM Lucas screamed kinda high-pitched when bird flew at his head while he tried to get into the front door. He then saw there were two eggs.

At 6:15 AM on Saturday morning the not-so-sweet sound of birds chirping from our front door woke us up.

At 8:00 AM on Saturday we found this: 3 cute eggs.

However, because of the happenings of the 6:15 AM time slot, these little guys and their nest had to be moved to a "better for us, but still safe for them" location. It would have been the perfect Easter decor for my front porch though!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The clouds did it to me

Today has been a good day. One of those days where I reflect on my blessings and proudly look upon the hard work of what your kids are becoming. It is also one of those days where you realize there is less than a month before your oldest baby turns 3 - officially out of toddler stage - and your littlest baby turns 1 - officially out of the baby stage.
I'm primarily blaming the clouds for my reflective and projective attitude today.

Maybe I need to get out of my pajamas, and out of the house, too...

Anyway, I'll just soak in this feeling. At least until the next tantrum, or diaper blowout.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Remember that time I went to Africa? Me too.

One of the projects we did for Heartbeat For Hope while there was to follow two resident children - a girl & a boy - to see how they live day-to-day. We wanted to relate this to how the children in Edmond, OK live. It was definitely an enlightening experience.

Filming by Marcus Ross & Courtney Branch
Editing by Marcus Ross

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Together Again

 We have really been missing our friends with all the sick, travel, and business! Today they were reunited at the perfect park play date.
Best Buds

Soooo wanting to play on his own.
Ignore me, and focus on the cutest future couple ever.

Monday, March 12, 2012

11 Months

 I can't believe this is the last month of Simon's first year. Crazy.

This past month he took up biting. Wonderful. We're taking measures on that one.

He has tried a lot more table food, by choice, but will still eat baby food (thankfully). 

He has started saying 'no, no, no, no' thank to his brother.

He has been randomly standing alone, but won't take steps without help. 

That's about it on the new stuff. Still as sweet as ever (with the occasional vampire tendency...).

Thursday, March 01, 2012

I now consider myself Uptown

I had to check out the new Uptown Grocery in North Edmond today, and I Lo-OVE it. It has Whole Foods similarities, but much closer to my house. 
I was especially impressed with the deli, bakery, and cheese section. 
They had lots of samples, which might have swayed my opinion heavily (I will take free food wherever I can get it).

In my particular phase of life, I was pleased to see how much organic baby and toddler food was available. This is all that I could fit in the pic - sooooooo much more.
Produce, deli, bakery, cheese, and floral
I have never seen so many different kinds of cheese in my life. Glorious.
But, I mostly liked how easy it was to find what you were looking for. It is spacious, and the layout is very shopper-friendly. 

They also have an event planner, catering service, and florist. Fabulous.