Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Friday morning at 7:15 AM I opened my door to find a nest neatly tucked inside my door wreath. Super sweet. 
At 9:30 AM I went back outside and found 1 egg inside the cute little nest.
At 9:30 PM Lucas screamed kinda high-pitched when bird flew at his head while he tried to get into the front door. He then saw there were two eggs.

At 6:15 AM on Saturday morning the not-so-sweet sound of birds chirping from our front door woke us up.

At 8:00 AM on Saturday we found this: 3 cute eggs.

However, because of the happenings of the 6:15 AM time slot, these little guys and their nest had to be moved to a "better for us, but still safe for them" location. It would have been the perfect Easter decor for my front porch though!


Erin said...

We had the same thing happen to us in a plant last year. It was right by our front door and we would get attacked by a flying bird every time we came in that way. Glad we aren't the only ones!

Alyssa said...

I am a little scared of birds. But that is the sweetest bird's nest I've ever seen. how did you move it?

Catherine said...

Yeah -- how DID you move it? So cool.