Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

A couple of my latest party decorations


My best friend just had a baby, and just before she was able to come up to Edmond from Abilene for a few of us to throw her a shower. Her bedding is this same jungle print by CoCaLo. 
I found printables online at
Photo by Mandy Stansberry Photography

Photo by Mandy Stansberry Photography
The drink station had water and Tropical Punch Cool Aid - the mommy's pregnancy craving.
Photo by Mandy Stansberry Photography

Photo by Mandy Stansberry Photography

Photo by Mandy Stansberry Photography
I forgot to get a picture of the penant garland I made actually at the shower, so here it is in my garage. This hung across the fireplace mantle above the gifts. 
Don't judge the pic.
Photo by me


This shower was for my friend Amy, who is having a little boy in June. She joked about a diaper themed shower, so that is what she got. With some lime green and blue to go with it.
Please excuse my un-ironed table cloth. Yikes!

This lovely centerpiece was interesting to come up with. I had some help. By someone in my house. You should already know that I am the only girl in my house. I am not allowed to say any more.
These are supposed to be diaper balloons. If I do this again I will go out and get something more sturdy to attach them to, instead of skewers (which I already had, but were probably too light). I still think it's pretty cute. Plus, the mommy-to-be got to take it apart and take it home!

Cupcakes made by Ashley Myers

We gave her a double stroller, and of course I had to add some diapers to go with it's 'wrapping'.

And, the diaper garland.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Like to Party: Simon's Edition

The party was based on the book "15 Animals" by Sandra Boynton. Here series is called Little Simon Books.
Mia's sidewalk art: "1: Happy Birthday, Simon!"

Papa #1

Uncle Marcus - they love each other
Benjamin was a brave, brave boy.

Victoria in chase of the car

Aunt Jamie
Simon had lots of help from an experienced older brother.

Cousin Mia drew Simon his own Alphabet Book - sweetest gift ever.

Feelings about his brother's party

Holding "Simon" the turtle from the book "15 Animals".

Papaw #2 & Mamaw - great grandparents

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm one of THOSE

Hey, look at that! A non-child post! Don't get used to it.

Yes, I coupon. But I am nowhere near worthy of my own spot on the Extreme Couponers. I have certain things I hunt coupons for: diapers, wipes, and food items that I would already purchase. I have a few target places I get those from and it is well worth it for me.

Another thing I do occasionally is samples. Particularly P&G Sampler. I recommend it. Today I got this in the mail:

All you do is sign up HERE and they will send you an email (or you can just go check it from time to time) when a large coupon booklet will be in the local paper, or when samples are available.

I'm calling it.

He's officially a toddler.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guess Who [else] Has a Birthday??

Yep, it's you, Simon!
My baby is ONE!?!

This little dude is the most special 12 month old in the whole world!! (It's my blog, remember?)
He has the sweetest demeanor, and most precious little face. I have to figure out how I'm going to be able to discipline a child that looks at me with those eyes.

Simon Charles, you have been the best addition to our family. You were unexpected to us, but the moment you arrived we knew God knew that was exactly when you were meant to be. This has been the hardest year of our lives for many reasons, but doubly the best so far, as well.

I love you more than words, little man. 
Happy 1st birthday!