Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Party - A Dream Come True

Lucas' dream became a reality on Tuesday when Henson celebrated his 3rd birthday. Yes, Lucas' dream. His child had a Kermit birthday. On his own free will.

We had Henson's birthday party Tuesday evening since our weekend had too many family conflicts.

Due to weather, our outdoor park party quickly moved inside to Hideaway Pizza, which worked great! (Though I was a little crazed at the did turn out great.)

Cupcakes provided by Wishful Baking.

Henson would also say he wanted a Francesco cake along with his Kermit party, so here is the incorporation. He was pleased.

The birthday boy(s).


This is how Simon spent the entire party. Stuffing his face. He was also pleased.


Best attempt at the kid pic.

My helper.

New lightsaber courtesy of the cousin. It was well received.

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Alyssa said...

Happy 3rd to Henson! I'm glad Lucas had his dream come true! :)