Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Like to Party: Simon's Edition

The party was based on the book "15 Animals" by Sandra Boynton. Here series is called Little Simon Books.
Mia's sidewalk art: "1: Happy Birthday, Simon!"

Papa #1

Uncle Marcus - they love each other
Benjamin was a brave, brave boy.

Victoria in chase of the car

Aunt Jamie
Simon had lots of help from an experienced older brother.

Cousin Mia drew Simon his own Alphabet Book - sweetest gift ever.

Feelings about his brother's party

Holding "Simon" the turtle from the book "15 Animals".

Papaw #2 & Mamaw - great grandparents


Catherine said...

So sweet! I haven't even seen those Sandra Boynton books! We're kind of out of that stage (which makes me kinda sad). We LOVED "The Going To Bed Book"! (and others) But that one got child #1 to bed EVERY NIGHT for a little over a year; child #2 for not quite that long, but a long time. Now I feel the need to check out her stuff again.

Gena said...

These pictures are so precious. Happy birthday Simon!