Friday, May 18, 2012

First Last Day of the First Year

 First day of Sonshine School

 Last day of his first year of Sonshine School

Some things that have changed over the last 9 months:
Better haircut
Can dress himself
Go to the bathroom unattended - 
(which occasionally has it's not-so-precious moments)
Has grown out of almost everything he could wear back at the beginning of the school year
Improved in obeying -
(Note: I did say improved, not perfected...just to be clear. I'm just praying that happens by the time he's my age.)
Has a 'favorite' everything (like, really obscure/specific things, too)
It's amazing the difference in maturity from age 2 to age 3. Especially in the month before he turned 3.  

Anyway, that was obviously for my benefit, but he had a great year, and he was not thrilled that it was his last day. That's a good sign.

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