Monday, May 14, 2012

Happiness is a choice

 This is happiness. 
You can never fully understand something until it is experienced first hand.

Motherhood is no exception.

I always knew someday I wanted to become a mother.

But wanting it, and actually experiencing it, have proved to be a humbling reality.

 But being humbled is a good thing, you know.

Because with all the expectations -

With all the preconceived thoughts and hopes -

None of those 'wants' could ever touch what actually 'is'. 

Happiness is a choice.

Joy, grace, patience, understanding, wonder, and love, are all gifts from God.

And I choose to see His gifts everyday:

Which makes me happy.
Motherhood has shown me how big my heart can get (and still have room!)
Without waver, through the roughest, beaten down, 'do-over' days, those little people still love you back.
Motherhood brings a new respect, understanding, and love to all those that have entered in to this role before me, and those that are in it with me.
Never could I have imagined how amazing motherhood actually is until now - three years in - and it keeps amazing me. 


laura jo said...

here here! Very well said, Aubrie. Oh, and we need to talk soon. :)

Gena said...

This is a beautiful post! Made me cry.

Dana said...

I've read this post three times now. I'm rereading because I need to hear these sweet words, which I'm sure are a message from God's lips to my ears (as the saying goes), and because I'm just so, so proud of the love and maturity with which you're approaching this sacred job of motherhood. How lucky Henson and Simon are!