Friday, May 11, 2012

Sonshine School Program: Participation Optional

Henson's Sonshine School program was last night. He was super excited to be up on the stage, and made it perfectly clear that I was not allowed on stage and had to sit on the floor and watch him carefully.
Really bad exposure, but had to try and correct it cause it was too cute.

Here he comes to show off all he has learned this year.

And here it is.....

An impromptu solo....

Super proud that he did stay on the stage the whole time. His feet are still technically on the stage in the pic above.

Sweet Chloe
Brother was very supportive.
Showing us his class and his "ME" book. He cared more about the candy in the cup from his teachers, though. He claimed he was going to sleep with it in his bed...riiiiiight.

Taking a picture with himself at age 15 months.
The highlight of the night for him, however, was the Braum's ice cream afterward.

Papa & Gigi

Grammie & Boppy

I look forward to many programs in the future, and the surprise of what is going to happen 'that time'.

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Alyssa said...

He was great! I love those unplanned moments! They make the program fun! I think I was arriving at Braum's as you guys were leaving. See you next year!