Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrate the 'Folk' in Father's Day

Happy Dad Day to this awesome one:
And the above awesome one (and awesome 'Boppy')

Henson is holding the card he picked out for Lucas. When he saw he said, "Let's get this one! Dad LOVES apple juice!". Later he confessed it was those creepy fun eyes that got his interest. Which makes more sense since his dad drinks neither the actual beverage of the card, or apple juice.

Inside the envelope were some fancy, smancy banjo picks. If you know the guy below you know they were well received.
After lunch, L was surprised with the rest of his gift. He was actually without words.
In our house, this is the way to show affection and gratitude to your man, and father of your children.

Henson was a little concerned, though, when he realized it was coming back home with us...

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