Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moving On

I've done surprisingly (to me, anyway) well with handling the move out of our first home. This was our first house together. The house where we housed our best friends for over a month after moving home from the mission field. The house that allowed us to start two home businesses, and kept us safe through some crazy Oklahoma storms over the past 4 1/2 years. And, of course the house where we brought home two precious babies.
We have faced some rough and tough times in that house, but have grown and loved so much in that house.

First pic when we first moved in to the house (2007)

 Last picture when we moved out of the house (2012)

 Henson's last pic in his room

Simon's last pic in his room

 Last pic of boys at the house (this was our pic spot)

 Moving crew

 So, we packed up our entire house into the above truck the night before we closed on both houses. The next morning found out that there were issues with our buyers loan and we couldn't close that day. Which meant not closing on the new house. Awesome. My mom's entire family was coming in town that day to celebrate my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary and were already filling my parents' house. Our realtor offered to let us stay there since we was going to be gone a few days. It was a very long day. By the end of it we found out (BY EMAIL!) that the buyers signed their contracts and paid for the house. What!?! Frustrated, but the sellers of our new house graciously let us go ahead and move in. Bless them. So, the day ended with us in the new home. Signed and official Monday, and here we are.
 My wonderful mom and her sisters put my entire kitchen together. Saints.

First pic when we moved in to our new house as a family of 4 (2012)

As you may notice by the fact that this post is happening at all, there is some major sentimental value in that first house. I definitely had my moments in the past few weeks. I'm thankful for that tiny house for so many reasons. But moving forward. I'm so excited to be in the house we will raise our kids in, host in, play in, etc. I'm ready to get on with that life! 
Ok, I'm going to go paint something now.

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Alyssa said...

So exciting! I had very similar feelings about house #1 and house now.