Friday, July 20, 2012


What makes a good stay-cation? 

A good self walking tour
Dinner with the cousins
and a looming Toby Keith

an indoor hotel water playground

cute people (a must)

a fun dad

staredowns with Boppy (Simon is the master)

free morning coffee  

(I don't want hate comments - it was water, ok?)

more cute people

a fun uncle
riding an elevator to breakfast in the lobby in the PJs - Simon asking for 'help' on the way down...

a movie....

...and the best part of a stay cation is you drive all of 10 minutes to get to your 'getaway'. 

I'm a fan.


Chellie said...

Where is that pool? Looks like fun.

Aubrie said...

The Hampton in Bricktown. It's the perfect size little water playground.