Friday, August 03, 2012

60 Years = a LONG time. They make it look easy.

My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary early this month. They are the prime example of what a marriage should be, and I could not be more blessed to have them to look up to. 

With their three daughters and their sons-in-law.

The next generation is looking in tune with reality.

My Papaw presented his, written and bound, memoirs, and gave each child and grandchild a copy. I love that we will have this keepsake of his story.
These guys.
And these guys. 
(Wyatt is my cousin Byron's little boy. Simon was thrilled to have someone smaller than him around.)


laura jo said...

First of all, your dress is adorable! Love it. Secondly, great job coordinating your family's attire - I love Simon's red shoes! Thirdly, he wrote an autobiography?! Uncle Charles is precious. Finally, the Greats in that last picture are cracking me up! It looks like Joshua and Bode are giving the stink face to Wyatt! So funny.

What a wonderful testament to marriage and love this was! I'm glad so many of you could be there!

Alyssa said...

Very special. Matt has a copy of his grandparents memoirs as well. It is such a great read!

Jessica said...

Such a beautiful family in so many ways!

Emma perez said...

Beautiful family. Keep up the good work. That was a blessing to see!