Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Estimates Activity

Henson and I have been working on his counting of larger numbers lately. Though for some reason he's determined there is no such number as 15. Anyway, on "Sid the Science Kid" today they were estimating numbers, so I thought we would try it.

I collected different types of objects of the same types for each different container. We had four: Blocks, Cars, Buttons, and Shells. 
I put a random amount in each one. Henson was supposed to guess, or estimate, how many he thought were in the container. We wrote down his guess. Then he counted out each item from the container and wrote down the exact amount. He really like this, and it was an easy game to put together.

Blocks to estimate

Cars to estimate

Estimation sheet: write your guess, then the exact after you count

We started with smaller numbers and worked up to the larger (buttons).
Henson counting out his cars after making an estimation.

He guessed 11, and counted 13

After counting 49 buttons (with some help from mom).

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