Friday, October 26, 2012

Closer to Two

Photos by Mandy Stansberry Photography
Simon is 18 months. This kid is definitely finding his personality, his vocabulary, and his "self" awareness. And by that I mostly mean he has discovered "mine", and is not shy to voice it.

He is a champ at any stare contest. 
His favorites are his blanket, cars, books, and both grandpas.
Two of my favorites of his new phrases: "I don't know." and "Wha ya doin'?" The voice makes these.
He attempts to say anything that he hears, and we have about a 50% chance of understanding him. 
He has also picked up on the art of annoying your sibling, and will randomly pester him. 
He has also discovered a fake 'he he' laugh that makes him even cuter than he already is - cause I think he's the cutest little dude out there.
Love that kid!

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