Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I dedicate this post to the things we do for our child that may be disgusting but are for their overall good.

I wish I had time to think of all of those things that I have already done since having kids, which I never thought I would do, like suck snot out of their noses using the suction of my own breath (SEE above picture. I have used this since Henson was a baby. This little contraption is a seriously genius invention which I now purchase for friends when they have a baby because it is so great.)

Another example: scrubbing things off my carpet that should be contained in a diaper. Be glad there is not more detail. 

A more mild example: all tings to do with food. Kids eating it, cleaning up after it. Wiping them up after it. Etc. I knew this one, but sometimes I just use the spray nozzle off the sink to hose them down. It's easier in the long run. I might be joking.

However, the weirdest part of all things that you could think of related to this topic is that when it's your kid it doesn't matter. You will do whatever it takes to take care of them. Even if it means putting your own cleanliness aside. I did get a shower today, though. It's already a great week.

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Catherine said...

My cousin and I used to have "contests" for who'd gone the longest w/o a shower. It's not a contest either of us wanted to win. We weren't especially proud of it. But... you do what you must to smile through the gross-ness. Cuz it's totally worth it.