Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I have said it from his beginning - he will be quiet, and mischievious. A dangerous combination. At least for a mom.
Well, this, my friends, is the look a mischievious 20 month old who got caught.
20 months will also mark the first time out of his life. And...the first time I have seen him cry the way he did with a look of such betrayal that I had to go hide in the laundry room for my own time out from putting him in time out. 
In more positive news, he is quite polite. He always says "please", "thank you! welcome!" (those always come together), and he excuses you if you sneeze or burb. Ahem. If Henson burps.
If you cough, he'll excuse you and then softly pat your back. He has definitely hit the "age of confliction" (dont' think that's a word, but that is what it is). That is, the "I want to be sweet, but the new awareness of free will will momentarily possess my body beyond my realm of control" phase? You know. 
Anyway, I'm much more ready this time. Cause now I have a laundry room with a door that also has a pantry, AND a lock. I'm totally ready.

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