Friday, December 28, 2012

More lessons in how to 'roll with it'

Santa was stopping by our house a day early this Christmas because we were going to be gone on Christmas morning. So Sunday evening we made our cookies to set out for the big guy, watched The Grinch, got on our Christmas PJs and were all ready to read our Christmas story book in Henson's bed together when plans changed juuuuuuust a tad....

As Henson excitedly attempted to leap into bed, he slipped off and caught himself with his elbow. Not. Good. After a good 8:30pm-4:00am hospital experience we came home with a broken elbow and a splint until we could get in to the pediatric ortho on Wednesday morning.
Santa did not forget this brave dude, though. Santa still arrived in time for the presents to be under the tree before H woke up (at noon the next day).
Long-awaited Green Machine

Getting his green cast on Wednesday

This week I have learned many lessons:
1. Things rarely work out the way you plan for them to. 
2. Kids can greatly surprise you by how resilient they are
3. Things rarely work out the way you plan.
4. How to roll with what comes at you; rearranging plans is a minor setback.
5. Things rarely work out the way you plan.
6. How to be grateful for the blessing of overall 
    health of my little boy.
7. Things rarely work out the way you plan.
8. It is possible to adapt to your unfortunate    
    situation without complaining (taught by my 3 year old, who       has yet to even whimper about only being able to use one arm, and is just   
      doing it.)
9. Things rarely work out the way you plan.
10. It could be way worse. We didn't have the  
     Christmas we had scheduled to have, but 
     Christmas happened. We rearranged and were   
     able to see all our family. The boys got     
     everything they asked for, and we were all   
     blessed by all being together.

Now we'll see what 3 weeks in a cast will bring...


babyblueeyed girl said...

glad he is okay

Lynda Wilczak said...

Oh God bless his little heart! I will pray for speedy healing..This will be a holiday he will never forget, poor guy!