Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Along with allergies, Spring brings emotional havoc

So, April is kind 'THE' month in our family: anniversary & each boy's birthday.
Therefore, this time of year brings a lot of emotion and reflection as I think back on all that has happened in our years of marriage, and thinking of our kids getting older. 
Well, today it happened as I was driving home from Henson's gymnastics class. Simon called me Aubrie Ross from the back seat and I started bawling and laughing all at the same time. S looked terrified and confused, as would be an appropriate response to the current state his mother was in.

So tonight, during our nightly story time, the boys picked this book. Seriously?
Not once have I made it through that book without crying. Tonight was definitely no exception. Especially when Simon started singing the song when we were on the last page as the man holds his mom!?! 
Good grief.

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Team Andrews said...

That book gets me every time too!!! I may have teared up a little when I just saw the picture of the cover!