Monday, March 11, 2013

22 & 23

 I forgot to post at 22 months, so we're squeezing them together.

 Today - 23 months

This guy has this smushed face about 80% of the time because he is so squeezable. 

He is still predominately pro-mom, and I can't say I mind at all. 
This month he has really started to know when he is being funny, and has a fake laugh to go along with it. That will definitely be useful in this family.

He also has learned to open doors. His favorite doors to open are the pantry door and the refrigerator door. 

He is now singing a lot. It's a repetitive cycle of 'Jingle Bells', ' Jesus Loves Me', and his fav, 'ABCs'. He wakes up every morning singing that one, and puts himself to sleep singing it, too. 

Love him to pieces!   

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