Thursday, June 06, 2013


Henson is smitten. 

We found this three-toed box turtle (are you impressed I know that know how to look that up on the internet?) on Tuesday, and it's all the rage at this house.

Henson Jr. (the resemblance is uncanny) is not quite sure what to think of his new habitat. So H. Sr. wanted to make him feel more at home with a custom paint job.

H. Jr. was not about to left out of the bedtime routine. Storytime was brought to him on the back porch. Again, H. Sr. making him feel comfortable with his own seat, so selflessly sacrificing his little brother's chair.

You may notice a blue spot on this little guy's chin. Not original. He got sneaky and escaped his new home while the paint was still wet. At least we'll now it's him if he successfully escapes back in to the wild again. 
Poor guy. He has to be terrified of how much these two little people love him.

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