Thursday, June 20, 2013


We had VBS at our church this week. KNOW GROW SHOW: Parables of the Prodigal Son, Sower, and Good Samaritan.

Our Children's Ministry Team does such an amazing job organizing this event that hosts over 500 children per day. Again, this year was awesome!
Photo borrowed via MRCC Facbook Page

The best I got attempting to photograph the 5 cousins.

I thought being Henson's group leader this year would be a good idea...notsomuch. He pretty much hung on some part of my body the entire time. We did have some fun, though.

Sweet friend, Ava.

There's little Simon in the front left of the jumbo stroller with his 2-year old group. This is extra blurry because I was trying to be stealth taking this pic. He is soooooooo ready to be a part of all of VBS with the big kids next year.


Acting out the Good Samaritan

Despite Henson's lovely expression here, they had a great time.
There is just nothing like a MRCC VBS.
Further evidence of it's unique-ness:


laura jo said...

You look SO much like your mom in that picture of you and Henson! My goodness! Beautimous.

Erin said...

Ha, I just blogged pretty much the same thing - just a few different pictures :) Jace may or may not be behind Simon in the red looks like his little red hair. I'm with you on the tourguide for your kids group - Haylie was pretty clingy!