Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Fast picture recap of recent happenings: 

Henson made his first independent purchase after doing extra chores for three week. 
He was quite excited.

Simon had his first Sonic slush. Momentous.

The boys rode the Bricktown river taxi for the first time.

Myriad Gardens splashground with small group friends.

Then stayed to hear friends, Matt Stansberry and the Romance, play at the outdoor stage.

Simon FINALLY graduated from survival swimming.
(the final test includes being fully clothed)

Cousin Mia spent the night while Henson spent the night at cousin Bode's
Art is very different for a 2 year old than an 8 year old...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Turning frustration into a painted pergola

So...Friday Simon was supposed to have outpatient surgery. After going through the whole process of vitals checked, changed into the gown, about to wheel him in...and they canceled the surgery due to being sick less than 3 weeks before. This information I shared with the surgical receptionist on the phone the day before, and she told me nothing about it being an issue. Irritated to say the very least. 


To take my mind off of it I needed to do something. I had some free paint sample containers of Sea Wave by Valspar that I had gotten in the mail and hadn't decided what to do with yet. So, I decided to paint the pergola. 



I sprayed the metal branches with silver spray paint to cover the rusted white. 
I also got rid of the boxes on the side. I plan to rip out the concrete slabs and extend my fence-lined garden to include the pergola. I think that would look a little better than it hanging out in the middle of the grass like the previous owners decided. Weird. 

So, there  you go. I got out some frustrated energy, and I have a cheerful pergola to look at out my living room window.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I got my nails & hair done, got dressed up...this is blog-worthy

I'm not too embarrassed to say that getting out of shorts, t-shirt, ponytail, no makeup is worth blogging about. If not just for my own memory.
OH, and here is the occasion
The hubs won another Emmy!



Me, accepting the award as the "spousal encourager".

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Over the years

This past Sunday MRCC celebrated 50 years. It was a wonderful, fun day that included a potluck for over 2,000 people. We were still able to herd those members through the line in under 20 minutes. That's the real proof of a successful event at church.  

Here's my future event organizers, in their own MRCC shirts (bottom left & far right), in action: yelling at the crowds to "go this way!"

Found a few treasures in the lobby. 
Family directory pics:

Dad & Mom (brother in utero) - 1977

Ah, yes. Perfection - 1987

Still looking awesome, everybody - 1997

 My immediate family now - 2013

I love that my kids also get to grow up in this wonderful church. 

Check out the 50th Anniversary video HERE

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

"Cram as much activity as you can into one weekend" (a.k.a. July 4th Holiday)

On the 4th:
 Liberty Fest Parade
Dad's ride for the parade...
Backyard baseball game

Block Party

UCO Fireworks

  Frontier City

 Superhero Complex

 Saw Monsters University and H enjoyed the entire thing like this.

 It was a great holiday.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

#1 question I'm asked about my husband:

"Do you just laugh in your house ALL the time?" 

Passing over my instinct to be sarcastic here, it is pretty interesting being the wife of this guy:

If you haven't seen enough of him...