Thursday, July 11, 2013

Over the years

This past Sunday MRCC celebrated 50 years. It was a wonderful, fun day that included a potluck for over 2,000 people. We were still able to herd those members through the line in under 20 minutes. That's the real proof of a successful event at church.  

Here's my future event organizers, in their own MRCC shirts (bottom left & far right), in action: yelling at the crowds to "go this way!"

Found a few treasures in the lobby. 
Family directory pics:

Dad & Mom (brother in utero) - 1977

Ah, yes. Perfection - 1987

Still looking awesome, everybody - 1997

 My immediate family now - 2013

I love that my kids also get to grow up in this wonderful church. 

Check out the 50th Anniversary video HERE

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Alyssa said...

We missed the big celebration! I love your family photos! Love them!