Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Turning frustration into a painted pergola

So...Friday Simon was supposed to have outpatient surgery. After going through the whole process of vitals checked, changed into the gown, about to wheel him in...and they canceled the surgery due to being sick less than 3 weeks before. This information I shared with the surgical receptionist on the phone the day before, and she told me nothing about it being an issue. Irritated to say the very least. 


To take my mind off of it I needed to do something. I had some free paint sample containers of Sea Wave by Valspar that I had gotten in the mail and hadn't decided what to do with yet. So, I decided to paint the pergola. 



I sprayed the metal branches with silver spray paint to cover the rusted white. 
I also got rid of the boxes on the side. I plan to rip out the concrete slabs and extend my fence-lined garden to include the pergola. I think that would look a little better than it hanging out in the middle of the grass like the previous owners decided. Weird. 

So, there  you go. I got out some frustrated energy, and I have a cheerful pergola to look at out my living room window.

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laura jo said...

I love that color! Way to put your frustrated energies to good use!