Friday, August 23, 2013

The answer is finally 'YES'

There could not be a better depiction of Henson's feelings about Pre-K than this photo. He's excited. He's loud. He's not afraid to let you know it. I love it.
He has been asking almost every day since June 1st if it was the 1st day of school yet.

His request for a pic
There's also this face...
"Henson, would you like to take a picture with a smile like this?" (insert example smile here)
H: "Ummm, no thank you."
He gets points for being polite while also being honest.

Parents got to go inside on the first day to see the kids off. We were not in the middle of things, just observing.
Waiting to go to class.

Circle time

This right here is reason 100+ that I love Henson's Pre-K: Prayer time before they start their day.

"The Kissing Hand" - This was little torturous for the parents who were already fighting tears
And the last thing before the parents left: kids and moms exchanged heart stickers. Sheesh. 
Henson & I BOTH did good. No tears. Not surprising from H. Quite surprising for me. Though I just waited until I got home to do that in the comfort of my meltdown. 
Anyway...H loved it and has had a great first week! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Here.

 You may be wondering how on earth I convinced my child to vacuum the entire house by himself. I will let you know when I do. 

 HE actually requested to do this because these two wonderful PRE-K (enter hyperventilation by mom here) teachers were coming to meet him at his home. He may have also said "Hide everything! We don't want them to think we're messy!" I've trained him well. I think he's ready for the world.

Mrs. Potter & Mrs. Perry making a home visit. So great that they do this!
Today was Information Day. The kids get to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts and complete tasks around the room which familiarizes them with the new surrounding and what to expect. There are also things for the parent to do at each station. 
I wish I had a copy of the picture his teacher took of him for his class photo...kind of an 'in your face' smile.  It's perfect.

This guy is definitely ready to be a Pup.