Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just because I like them

Thanks to the Branches, we have still been able to swim some. Well, about half the time. The other half is spent 'watering' the grass...the natural way. Why is that so facinating for boys?

Don't tell Ms. Judy...

Monday, September 09, 2013

Big week for Si-mo

 Sonshine School started again this past Thursday. This dude was very excited. He had been asking every. single. day. since Henson's school started when HE would get to start going.
The do is a little 'Conan-esque' these days.

 Sweet boy.
 He and I have spent A LOT of quality time together the past few days. Potty training. How I have not missed this. I was fully expecting him to refuse because he gets pretty secure in his set ways of doing things....but he is a rock star. 
I like the 'boot camp' method  
(it proved very successful with the first child):
You seclude yourself at home for two days straight and pretty much don't let the kid out of your sight. by the end of day 2 he could tell me when he had to go, and had no #1 accidents. #2 is still confusing for him, but he's totally got the idea. We even successfully went to church and out to eat on day 3.

I just love a little bum in little undies.
So there are those details for no one interested. But I'm super proud of both of us!

Friday, September 06, 2013

Living Room Make-Over

 This is at our first viewing of the house pre-purchase - June 2012
(For some reason it's the only one I took - view is looking from the kitchen)

With our furniture, pre-make-over: February 2013

Feb. 2013 - notice those lovely panels behind the T.V.

Beginning of painting our stripes. I knew I wanted a stripe of some kind along the wall, but more of a modern style. So we added the curves where the stripe turns (thanks to Designs by MK for helping pull this off for us!).  
(I did hire someone for the stripes - referred by Designs by MK. I wanted it done right the first time...)
Finished striping. It is exactly what I wanted.
Then to get rid of the dark wood, and go light.

The wall panels before:      

 The wall panels after + custom birch wood shelving:
With decor - a work in progress. This will be our 'family' shelving.

Fireplace before & after w/ custom curved mantle.
We ripped off the old mantle, painted the fireplace the same color of the top wall stripe and ceiling, and added a custom curved mantle that wraps around the outside of the brick. P.S. I am very much in love with my mantle.
 Designs by MK found me a great carpenter. He had never done a curved mantle, but he did an awesome job!

Old windows: 
                                 New windows:            
I used Pella Windows.

The old ceiling fan was a nice, expensive fan installed by the previous owners. But, it was not our taste, and it hung down too low in the room.
So now I have this fabulous fixture that I have been lusting over since March. It is a simple ceiling light until you need the fan, then with a push of the remote the blades come out of hiding from inside the
(My whole family is obsessed with this thing.) I found this light at HERE

Finally, a (messy) view of the entire room so far.

There, that's better:

Still on the list, but a little down the road, is new furniture. Surprisingly, all of this stuff cost money. And we are responsible for earning our own money. Hmmm...weird. 
Anyway, we can wait, but I love, love, love this room now!!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Congrats, Dr. Lashley

 My mom recently completed her doctorate, so we wanted to celebrate her by throwing a well-deserved (surprise) party.

We took her to dinner, which she was aware of, and gave her a NOOK.

Then the par-tay.

She received this awesome shirt from her department after her defense. So we used it for her guest sign-in.

Thanks to Uptown Grocery, we had a great spread.

And then some Photo Booth
One cool great-grandpa


The Grands

Dr. Lashley's Posse

We deemed the night a success since she told us she was genuinely surprised. 

No Lashley party is complete, however, without a half-naked Storm Trooper. Double success!

  Congratulations Doc! We're proud of you!