Monday, September 09, 2013

Big week for Si-mo

 Sonshine School started again this past Thursday. This dude was very excited. He had been asking every. single. day. since Henson's school started when HE would get to start going.
The do is a little 'Conan-esque' these days.

 Sweet boy.
 He and I have spent A LOT of quality time together the past few days. Potty training. How I have not missed this. I was fully expecting him to refuse because he gets pretty secure in his set ways of doing things....but he is a rock star. 
I like the 'boot camp' method  
(it proved very successful with the first child):
You seclude yourself at home for two days straight and pretty much don't let the kid out of your sight. by the end of day 2 he could tell me when he had to go, and had no #1 accidents. #2 is still confusing for him, but he's totally got the idea. We even successfully went to church and out to eat on day 3.

I just love a little bum in little undies.
So there are those details for no one interested. But I'm super proud of both of us!


Chellie said...

I used that same lock yourself at home and don't let him out of your site method. It is great! Glad he got it down.

Michelle said...

I've got a daughter who "can't potty cause it's too hard" I'm about to just shoot myself, potty training is so far my biggest motherhood

Alyssa said...

Simon is a fun boy! Congrats on the potty training!