Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The biting reality of self reflection

I feel it's important to show the real side of things now and then. Mostly to give myself a decent perspective.

Here I am. First thing in the morning: no makeup, still in pajamas, crazy sleep hair, just awakened by a way-to-happy-in-the-morning 4 year old.
This isn't exactly a revelation of looks for me, though. I'm one of 'those' that will shamelessly walk in to the supermarket looking almost just like this. I make no apologies for this look of 'mom with two small children who's last thought is to brush her teeth'. 

So, I made Henson a book titled "My Behavior and Friendship Help Book". It is composed of printouts of how to appropriately handle situations and relationship issues on a child's level by providing instruction with pictures. Henson is a very visual learner, so I thought this could help.
As I was going through the book I realized I was not a good teacher candidate for several of the guides. It's humbling (a punch in the gut, really) to actually see how you are NOT showing good examples to your children. The whole 'practice what you preach' comes to mind. 
I've had the look in the pic above physically, but also emotionally, way too much the past few months. I've felt in a rut of complacency, frustration, weariness of the day-to-day, SAHM syndrome, you know. But my family has taken the hit. 
(I can only blame so much on potty training a 2 year old and a 4 year old who still has meltdowns, I guess)
 So I'm putting this out there publicly to hold me accountable to brush my teeth, put on some real pants and choose to deal with life with joy. 

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