Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas itself was super.

We made it through Christmas Day this year without an ER visit! Woo hoo!

We had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 
Pics to come on that topic later. 

For now I'll share the next 48 hours after Christmas. 

Simon wakes up Thursday morning like this:
Pitiful-looking, little guy. No other symptoms, which led to the conclusion that it was a reaction to antibiotics he had been taking for a week. Sulpher allergy. Good to know. 
He actually was completely unaware of this terrifying rash until we all had been inspecting, shrieking, and prodding him for 12 hours. Then he began to get very self conscience. So, now a anger inducing, sleep depriving, steroid. Fabulous.

Saturday morning we get up to drive to Muskogee for the Lashley Family Christmas with extended family. Not 20 minutes out of town and Simon pukes all over himself and his car seat. Henson began screaming at deafening decibles at the sight, and we ended up on the side of the highway with a half naked 2-year-old and hysterical 4-year-old. 
So, a quick stop to Target for an outfit and on we went. 

15 hours later, Henson wakes up in with a 103 fever, coughing, aching, etc. So, a trip to after hours care in the morning to discover he has the flu. 

We are on a roll!  Merry Christmas! :)

P.S. I probably don't need a warning, but don't come near our house of doom.

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Erin said...

Jace had that same reaction to amoxicillin. It is horrifying to find your child with that rash all over! And we've also been there with the same awful steroid. Hope the new year starts off a little bit better for you guys!