Wednesday, December 11, 2013


 The boys survived their first real Lashley family vacation. We have spared them in the past because of their wee age. But as they have matured to ages 4 & 2, it was time to induct them into the family as valid Lashley travelers (i.e. non-stop, open-close, walk til your feet bleed, get your moneys worth, 'move, move, move!', boot camp vacation)

Induction Destination = DISNEY!
First plane ride

People who say they are going to Disney for their kids are lying.

Simon 'called' Mickey the morning after we flew in to let him know we were coming. He asked if he had any 'cool cars' at that place.

Opening parade at Magic Kingdom

Only day 2 of travel and the kids were already tired.

After 8 days of vacation at high speed we were all worn out. But, the kids were sad to leave and already asking when we go back, so that = success!
(Oh, and prepare now for the next 20 posts to be Disney pics)


RETA said...

So happy to see what a wonderful time you had! We made those Disney trips a tradition in our family. Great pictures! Neat memories!


JK Style said...

I can't wait to see more pictures! And I want to hear the boys talk about it!! And Simon pulling luggage and calling Mickey is painfully adorable.