Sunday, January 26, 2014

Detox? Are ya crazy?

At the beginning of November I came to the personal realization that I did not like how I felt most days. I was tired, unmotivated (mind said GO!, but body was like, nuh uh), and moody. I was irritated with myself for feeling this way, and I wanted to change that.
*I also weighed more that I ever have before without pregnancy being the cause. Not okay with me*

A friend was advertising a detox program that I decided to get more info on, but decided that just before the holidays was not the best plan for me. 
I talked to the hubs, and he decided he really wanted to join me. So, we decided that we would join the Arbonne Detox January group. I. Was. Terrified. Give up coffee? Give up vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic? My chips?!? I have terrible will power. And I have never been too great about cooking. Which is why I was so glad this plan was not a diet, it was about healthy lifestyle changes. The right choices for your body and immune system that could taste great. 
We were provided the shopping lists, recipes, exact examples for snacks, and the best ways to use the brand nutrition products that back up the detox. 
Into the first three days I already felt tons better. Energy, positive attitude, motivation, etc.
We are starting our fourth week of the detox (we seriously are high-fiving ourselves over here) and I feel amazing. I was skeptical, honestly. But, the program has more than proved itself to me. I feel great - less stressed, less moody (ask Lucas about that one), way, way, way more energy again.

As a bonus for me:
10 pounds lost1 in. lost in waist
1 in. lost in hips
1 1/2 in. lost in thigh
****UPDATE: overall weight loss was 13 lbs. and I wasn't even doing the weight loss track! Those were just the sugar, toxins, and fats my body was holding on to with a terrible diet.***

Bonus for Lucas: 
13 pounds lost(not sure on his inches yet, but less)
***UPDATE: overall weight loss was 20 lbs. without the weight loss track.***

I plan to continue these healthy eating habits as best as I can after this week. I also plan to continue using Arbonne. So much that I have decided to become a consultant and spread the cheer of good health!  
(I am well aware of the cheesiness factor, and I am ok with that.)

I'm excited about this for myself and my hubs. But, if you are interested in knowing more about this lifestyle change, and some awesome nutrition products that really work, let me know! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Husband's Tunes

So, the Hubs made a CD. Original songs on banjo, accordion, & vocals. 
 I am completely biased, of course. But it is pretty funny, with talent thrown in. I am particularly partial to track #4 (written for little S).

 You really should get one for yourself. You likely won't regret it. But if you do, it will provide a great 
'I can't believe I did that' antidote.

You can purchase here for mailed delivery:
Or download here:

I mean, who doesn't want some tunes by a bee-riding, leisure suit-wearing, banjo player??

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Since all my "important " memories are documented here, let's add quotes

After a non-surprisingly long wait at Sonic, we had to leave without our drinks so that we would not be late to our destination. 
Henson: "Mom, I bet in Heaven there will be the fastest Sonic EVER! It will be awesome."

I have to say, I felt a great deal of pride at that moment (and more excitement about Heaven!) 

The 4-year-old's comment made me feel I should document more of these little gems. 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

All of Christmas in one post w/ pics. Enjoy.

Cookies for Santa, and for us

Santa's set-up

Santa was a little crazy this year. We'll see if we allow him back next year...
This little dude loves his dogs. Santa scored with this one.

Minco Christmas


Great X-mas in Minco w/ Papa & Gigi


Bobby & Grammie's X-mas

Cousin Mia's clay smorgasbord.

These guys

The Lashley Family Christmas in Muskogee - Minute to Win It

Marshmallow toss

Lashley Fam

Merry Christmas 2013! 
Welcome New Year 2014!