Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another talk about Heaven

Simon: Where is Heaven?

Henson: It is farther away than space!

Simon: Why is God in Heaven?

Henson: He lives there.

Simon: Oh, right.

Henson: Mom, why is Heaven so great?

Me: Well, Heaven is all things good. Think of your favorite things you do, play, eat, and experience
        here on earth. It will be about 10xs better than that!

Henson: Oooooooh, so you mean like where there are Legos everywhere, and even the Death Star

Me: I bet so.

Henson: Awesome! I bet God could help me figure that thing out. It is huge! It's pretty big, and hard. 
             But since God supposedly can do anything He could probably do it by himself. I bet he
             would let me help, though. I will have to watch what He does, then help Him when I can. I
             mean, it is SO big. And SO hard. I can't wait.


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