Saturday, March 22, 2014

On the LDLs bad side.

High cholesterol runs in my family. Whoopee! 
I have taken prescription medication to lower my LDL cholesterol since I was 16. 

Five years ago, when we decided to start a family, I had to go off the meds per doctor's orders because of risk. He also let me know that I had about a 5 year 'safe' window to be off the meds before it could become a problem, so to try and plan my family during that time (since pregnancy can be timed to perfection, and all. But I got the idea.)

During many blood tests you routinely go through during pregnancies I was told multiple times "did you know you have dangerously high cholesterol levels?" Obviously those lovely hormones didn't do me any favors, once again. 

So, since we have completed our family, I knew I needed to get re-tested and get back on the meds. Besides being thrilled about going on medication again, I was also thrilled about going on an expensive medication again. Fabulous.

During my appointment the doc reminded me how very high my LDL had been and what (high) mg dosage I had been on. I mentioned I had been working on a better eating lifestyle and was hoping it would help....My doc's not-so-convinced-silence was not very encouraging.

So, this past week I received the call with my results. Before giving me my results the nurse asked me again if I had been taking any meds before the test. I hadn't. She asked me again what I had been doing different the last few months. I told her about the changes/additions. She then told me that my levels were down over 60 points!!! (Who hoo!)They were still slightly over the recommended level, but she said no medication needed. To keep up with what I had been doing and we would evaluate again in 6 months. 
I thought it would be better, but I honestly, truly couldn't believe it was that different. 

The combination eating better and the Arbonne Detox Tea and Fiber Boost daily have made a huge difference, apparently. 

Telling the world! (and my high-cholesterol family!!)

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