Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Where did this come from, all of the sudden?

You have probably noticed an new addition to my posting topics lately...

Let me explain a little about why Arbonne has suddenly popped into my life. 

So, I was actually introduced to Arbonne's products about 10 years ago when my best friend, and roommate at the time, began using them. I loved what I tried (bummed off of her), but wasn't really interested in any other part of it at the time.

I became a full time wedding coordinator in 2004, unexpectedly, ended up loving it, and have had my own wedding business for 10 years now.
 (as I type that I am about to be nauseous realizing how old 
I sound/am/getting. lovely) I have loved doing this, but it does take a lot of time away from my family. Weekends, meetings, planning. Love it, but time is the issue here.

Five years ago I founded a non-profit organization, Heartbeat for Hope,
supporting education and rural development for Ghana, West Africa. 
This came from involvement as the service project coordinator for our church's elementary program. My first year on we organized support for a few kids at a children's orphanage in Ghana. We decided to continue this as our main mission effort with our elementary kids, thus building an even stronger bond with the orphanage. With that relationship deepening I realized this was my passion. Helping these children. Helping as many children, women, men, families, that were in need as we could find possible.
So, in 2008, I got the urge to broaden our reach of support and awareness, and with the help of some great people, launched the non-profit in 2009.

I truly love what this organization has grown to do. I can't express enough how it has expanded, and been blessed in such a short time. I plan to continue this indefinitely. And, just booked our yearly trip for May! I am so excited to get back over there!
Now, all those involved, including myself, at H4H, are volunteers. Meaning, no paycheck. (P.S. I love you all!)
This is very intentional, and there are not immediate plans for that to change. 

So, that leads me to this new venture: Arbonne.

 My husband and I were reintroduced to Arbonne in the fall when we decided to do their 28-day get fit program. (read about that here) After two weeks, I knew I wanted to continue using this plan, so I signed up so I could get an awesome discount. 
I will honestly say that I never expected myself to go this direction. I knew I loved the products, but I had some previous misconceptions about the business. After finding out the options to sign up including a consultant that didn't have to be a business builder, just income based on referrals, I was sold. 

My goal with this new life turn is this: 
1. To give back. I have pledged to always give 15% of my earnings to Heartbeat for Hope.  
2. To let go of the majority of the wedding business, but still be able to make an income while staying home with my kids.
3. I love the products and want a great discount with income earning based on referrals. Win-win.
4. Bonus: there is a wonderful group of Christian ladies leading the way.

Annnnnnnd....when I get excited about something, everyone gets to hear about it!! Like, always. No matter what it is. Ask my family and close friends. And neighbors. And Postman. And teller at my bank. 

Anyways, so there you go. 
I'm excited, and now you know why!

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Jessica said...

WOW. What an inspiration you are, Aubrie - jumping right into the things you are passionate about! If only we could all say the same...
Keep it coming!