Sunday, April 13, 2014

Do you have a plan B?

Do you have a plan B? 
Do you want to turn your every day expenses into an income (i.e. getting paid to use your shampoo, your makeup, or vitamins)? 
Want more time with your family, or to replace your out-of-home income to stay home with your kids?
Do you want to help other people look their best, feel their best, and make a great income while your at it?

I promoted to the first management level of District Manager in just over 2 months only working this business on less than part-time hours. 

Take a listen to my friend, (who is also a fellow member of my church), an NVP of Arbonne, Alissa Lovett share more. She is an inspirational testimony of how to change your life.
You’re invited to

 Are you paid what you are worth?
If not – I encourage you to listen and decide for yourself.
Is Arbonne right for you?

You’re Invited To:
Discover Arbonne
1-605-477-2199 access code:  670610
reference # 66
(Recorded call available 24/7)

 Average Monthly Incomes*
District Manager – $200-$950
Area Manager – $950-$3,500
Regional Vice President $3,500-$16,000
National Vice President - $16,000 and up

Which level are you interested in for Time & Financial Freedom?
My goal is to help you achieve it!

Aubrie Ross  Independent Consultant

Let me know you listened and I''ll give you a fun freebie!

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