Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Office Makeover

I am finally getting around to posting pics of the office makeover. This one happened long before the living room was finished and the bathroom. I just kept forgetting to post. So, here you go. Thank you for waiting so patiently right by your computer, refreshing, and refreshing the site, for a year and a half.

Here is the space when we viewed the house before purchase. It is made to be a dining room, but we needed an office more.
Once we moved in. This is our old *cheap* Walmart set up from the old house.
New light fixture from IKEA. (Thanks to Henson for documenting this moment.)

So, here is what it looks like now.
Love, love, love it.   We took off the nasty plastic blinds and added a window shade (thanks to the direction of Designs by MK Designs and Interiors)     The desk is from World Market, and the chair from IKEA.    The fabulous, grey Jute rug is from West Elm. 

The mirror is my fav - from IKEA. The bookshelf if TOO Blu Dot by Target

Now I just need to get rid of that nasty paper organizer and get something cleaner. 
Working on that.

The fabulous art stain my hubs made for me of Africa - part of my non-profit logo. This hangs on the right wall (unseen in above pic).
Wall opposite of the mirror - bookshelf & office storage from IKEA.
Close-up of the top of bookshelf. The picture frame is from IKEA, and houses my social media logo for my non-profit.
The little wooden elephant is a souvenier from my first mission trip to Ghana. The vase is a hand-made gift from some supporters of Heartbeat for Hope and the works in Ghana.

This is my space. I love the bright, inspiring room. Thank you to MK Designs for the original plan for the room, and for helping me get started! 

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Michelle said...

I love the desk....I may have to purchase one like that....much better then the wooden one I'm working on now! It looks great!