Saturday, September 27, 2014

House Front makeover Part 1

So, we have been at this house for two years now, and I guess it's actually time to do something with the yard/paint/amazing amount of bushes that came with it.
It is still a work-in-progress, thus the 'Part 1' label.
First view of the house at our showing - pre-purchase


Not too exciting, but first order of business was taking down the trellice on the left side and the plants along the right wall. Right side was replaced with bushes. I took out the green plastic barrier and added black mulch.
Next: New windows and painting the wood a neutral color

Not the outside, but can be seen from the outside, and completes the porch, so here's the front door. Before/After

Before/After of the porch light

This pic shows the new window in the middle room and removal of more bushes. Landscaping to be determined here.

View of the front flower bed/porch. I took out the bushes along the porch and on the front side by the garage. I replaced that flower bed trim with the three large pots and filler. Potato vine is now filling in the rest of the large bed with some ivy that will NOT die.

I painted the wood on the porch wall the neutral (and over the garage, which you can't see here). Updated the porch light and the front door.

We still need to replace the windows on the porch, but it's SO much better already!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First days of school 2014

 HENSON MARR (5yrs.): First Day of Kindergarten

Henson has loved Kindergarten so far. He made it 1 1/2 weeks of all-day school for the first time in his life before he had a meltdown. I consider that a GREAT success.  
Plus, there have been minimal questions about how long (years) he has to go to school. So far, so good.

 SIMON CHARLES (3yrs.): First day of MRCC Sonshine School 2014
He was a bit surprising to me today on how well he went to class. He remembered Henson being in the Busy Bee class two years ago, and has talked about being a Busy Bee for two weeks now. This is the first year you don't take naps, so maybe that's it?
Whatever the reason, he went in without even saying 'bye', which was super exciting for ME because usually I am prying him off of my leg. 
He had a great first day, and hopefully it lasts!