Wednesday, November 26, 2014


My sister-in-law, Jamie, created this new fun site! I'll be contributing here and there, as well as some other awesome ladies.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Life is crazy. Crazy busy. It is for everyone. I just really don't know how we already got to November! Since the blog took an apparent hiatus, I'm going to just post pics to do my own catch up. 
Since school began:

With Grandma Lashley after our Lashley Reunion in Ft. Gibson

I had a birthday - some great gifts from these two

Had a booth for Heartbeat at ACU's Summit & OC's Quest (first time for both; documenting - *check*)

First school event for Henson - Walk-a-thon w/ Lucas as the MC

Soccer is the newest obsession for H.

Henson had his first soccer experience over Fall Break. After begging for a month to play I signed him up for a two-day soccer camp to see if he really did like it. He was pumped, and I had to drag him out each day after a 3-hour session. There is a good possibility of more soccer in our future.    

This kid just keeps getting sweeter and funnier. Throwing this pic in just because I can.

Henson's Kindergarten picture. He looks WAY too old for my preference. I have definitely had a harder time with him being in Kindergarten than I anticipated. I might have to start therapy when it's time for Simon.

Typical fall activities - pumpkin patch, pumpkin painting, etc.

Beginning of Halloween week/never-ending candy week/longest holiday ever week - church trunk-or-treat w/ the cousins
Simon continues his obsession with puppies and chose this as his costume this year. This was our first 'homemade' costume to be able to match his favorite stuffed dog, Uppy the Puppy.
Even though S is blurry, I just love this shot from Tealridge trick-or-treat. He had a 'grab and run' method going on.

3 of my very closest friends on a day-trip to see Lailah who was visiting from San Fran. I miss her.
OC's dorm trick-or-treat

Helped at Henson's fall festival
Our trick-or-treating group on actual Halloween. (I like the photo bombers at the door waiting for candy)

Aaaannnnd the fam: Wayne, Garth, Uppy & LeBron. 

Happy fall!