Thursday, January 15, 2015

Celebrating 1-Year Post-Judgement!

Today marks a full year of beginning a journey I really just jumped in to and didn't have a clue what all it would bring me. I mean, I knew what I had been told it would bring, but I really didn't know, know. You know?

Last year at this time the hubs and I were in the middle of Arbonne's 30-days to Healthy Living and Beyond challenge.  Half way through it I signed up as a consultant just to get a bigger discount so I could keep using the products. I was NOT going to to the business.
I was excited about the program, so I began sharing it with others just because we had such a great and transforming experience. 
After qualifying for the first level of management in 2 weeks just by referring people to a healthy lifestyle program I thought, "There really has to be more to it than this."

I kinda surprised myself by asking more about the business end of Arbonne and heard all the wonderful things that were possible. I never had thought of myself in network marketing. I had known about Arbonne for such a long time, had friends go in and out of it. BUT, I had no idea the depth of opportunity. AND I personally knew people that had risen to the top level of management. 

When I heard the simplicity of it, but the reward, recognition, and life changing possibilities I felt very judgmental. Judgmental because of what I had been thinking about "those" people who do network marketing. That was neat for them, I guess. They must not have many goals, or things to do otherwise, so they went with this. 
My apologies for being such a jerk. I should never think this way about anyone, for anything, anyway. But, now I'm really eating my words as I'm here now after 1-year with my Arbonne business, an Executive District Manager, and I've totally turned around.

At the full knowledge that I will sound completely sappy (and don't care) I will say that this past year I have learned way more about myself and others because of Arbonne than I would have without it. For sure.
I have learned it is foundation-ally about helping people:
*with time and money freedom
*with products that help them and their families be healthy inside and out with products they were already using in their home, but now can have a safe and beneficial alternative.

I have learned/am learning how to step out of my comfort zone to grow myself. 
I have made new relationships with some wonderful women. Godly women. Strong, funny, encouraging women. I'm grateful for them. 
I have learned that all types of people can make this work for them in their own lifestyle.
I have learned some humility (for sure).
I have learned to find my strengths in areas I didn't realize I had them.
I have learned how to think more about others, and what they need.
I have learned to listen more - to others and myself.
I have learned that this opportunity does NOT mean I have given up. It means I am giving a chance to myself and to others.

I was ready to move out of my previous business to have more time with the fam on weekends and on my schedule. 
I wanted to continue to have the flexibility to be home with the kids, go to school activities/parties, stay home if they were sick, etc.
I did not want to give up my volunteer passion of my non-profit work.
BUT, I could not do all of that without some income coming in. 
Arbonne came at the exact right time. Without me knowing it was for me. It fits the qualifications perfectly.
I can work from home, or wherever I might be.
I get to help others find this great business so that it can help them too.
I get to help others be healthy inside & out.
I get to continue my non-profit work AND contribute more financially to it through my Arbonne proceeds. 
Win, win, win, win!

Whew. Wow.

Looking forward to what this year will bring!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm glad you found something that works with your family! Refreshing to hear your thoughts - perceptions-realities. I think I was raised a lot like you.